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Is it success if no one knows?

Hey Guys!

Success is such a loaded word. What it looks like, how it comes and how it goes varies depending on the person and situation. What I've noticed though, is that once success finally makes its rounds and lands on our lap, we want people know. We want them to see the fruits of our labour, pat us on the back and if we're being very honest....we want to stunt. Don't get me wrong, stunting isn't always a bad thing, sometimes we want to be a source of inspiration or we want to finally bask in everything that we had to deprive ourselves of on the path to success. The question then becomes what happens when you achieve success that can't be shared online?

You Persist.

Attention doesn't last. That's why we constantly need to produce and share to ride the high of the likes and comments we receive. Reading the comments on a post that's a few weeks old will never hit the spot the way fresh attention on a new update will. It's one thing to want the attention that comes with publicly sharing success and it's another thing to be purely motivated by that.

You wanna know what does last? Impact lasts. If you find yourself feeling less motivated to do what you're doing well because it can't be broadcasted and no one is sending you fire emojis, it's time for a mindset shift friend. Many of the greatest triumphs in life, the things that push society forward are done by faceless people. Of course some people find success that includes both impact and attention, but if that's not you, it's time to make a decision.

What do you want most?

Why do you want it most?

Think it over and act accordingly.

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