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Only Too Much For You Campaign

"You're too much"

If I could think of one term that echoes in my memory, it would be this one right here. Being 'too' has been attached to almost every personality trait I possess, so much so that they started to contradict each other.

You're too nice (people will walk all over you)

You're too serious (no one will want to get to know you)

You're too picky (you'll never find a husband)

You're too easy going (you need to take things more seriously)

You're too ambitious (you're gonna intimidate people)

The trope of abundance as a negative in women is one that we know all too well. I officially call BS on it and I’m challenging all women to do the same. This is the reason why I created the #O2M4U Only Too Much For You campaign. My mission is to encourage women to take their abundance as a compliment and be unapologetically Too Much. We have a right to take up space and now more than ever we need to ignore any voices that try to tell us that we don't!

Here's what I need you to do: Create a post or video telling everyone how and why you're amazingly too much. Share it with the hashtag #O2M4U and nominate 3 of your Too Much friends to do the same.

Let’s celebrate our amazing overflow and if you don’t like it....we’re only too much for you! #O2M4U

To hear more on the topic go have a listen to episode 47 of The Toks Talks Podcast

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