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Year 1 of Entrepreneurship Done!

February 8th marked 1 year of quitting my job to pursue entrepreneurship. To say I was prepared would be a gross understatement...I felt the push and I moved. I didn't save, didn't wait, didn't ask for opinions, I just moved. For some people, this decision was a huge risk that I never should have taken, but the risk for me would have been to stay at my 9-5 when I was bursting at the seams with ideas and inspiration. A year later I don’t have a single regret.

I’m currently an author, podcast host, and motivational speaker. At the time that I ordered the pictured business cards though, I was 0 for 3. I needed business cards for a networking event so I had to make a decision- either buy cards with just my name on them, or buy cards with my goals on them. I clearly went with the second option, partially because I didn’t have money to print cards twice and also because I was ready to bet on me.

I bet on me. Of everything that I did in the past year, this was one of the most important. I made a decision that I wasn’t going to give up and I held myself to that no matter what. I had seen what my encouragement and passion could do for others and I redirected all of that energy to myself. It’s interesting because we often bet on celebrities and sports teams that we don’t even have direct access to with full unwavering faith in their abilities, while finding it hard to do so with ourselves. I put everything I had on the line and here we are.

The God Factor. THIS is and will forever be the most important part of the journey that I’m on. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I’m quite normal. The reason why I am able to do what I do is because of my faith, and the reason why I have so much of it is because of my relationship with God. I am so sure that I am walking on the path that I’m destined to be on, and because of that, I take steps in the dark and off the edge of cliffs knowing that if I’m obedient, God’s got me.

Here’s to year 2 of taking chances, making mistakes and getting messy (shout out to Ms. Frizzle). I’m so excited for everything that is in store and I am ready to jump, over and over again knowing that I’ll always land feet first.

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