Toks is a dynamic speaker who uses her life experiences and upbeat personality to captivate her audience. Her motivational keynotes and talks are interactive and based in the foundation of helping her audience see their true potential for greatness.

Able to tailor her keynotes based on age, demographic and subject matter, Toks is suited for both intimate and corporate audiences of all types. Having lived the life that she advocates for, her talks are authentic and relatable.

Toks also performs her poetry in a style that is best described as relaxed. Her performances include a combination of reading poetry and candid open discussion about what the poems represent. She creates an intimate atmosphere that invites her audience in as close friends talking about life. 

Outside of public speaking, Toks is involved in mentorship, particularly for youth and young adults. She creates comprehensive programs tailored to address the unique issues faced by these groups.

Signature Talks
  • Excuse me, Me

  • Self love and confidence: what do you bring to the table?

  • No one cares, so now what?